Welcome to Ram Hall Dairy.

We are the Fletcher family, we are proud to farm this land and manage our flock to produce fantastic Sheep’s Milk for our famous Berkswell Cheese and other dairy products.

Here at Ram Hall Dairy our flock are specialist breeds of dairy ewes.  They graze diverse pastures across the farm and are bred for a sturdy, healthy physique, a placid disposition and of course high-quality milk for cheesemaking.

As with many modern farmers we believe in respecting and paying attention to the land beneath our feet and the animals that graze above. Our husbandry looks to benefit the soil, the biodiversity of the farm environment and the health and dignity of our animals. All of this work culminates with milk that is complex and delicious.

Sheep’s Milk is a delicious Super-Food

All milk is incredibly nutritious, but sheep’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s or goat’s milk and is richer in protein, vitamins & minerals. Sheep’s milk also has an array of healthy fats and a rich supply of biopeptides. Click here to delve into the science of one of nature’s truly remarkable foods.

Our milk is the product of a farming system that is great for the animals, great for our environment and so ultimately great for you too.

We have used our fantastic milk to make Berkswell Cheese for over thirty years and now it’s available to you to use in a variety of exciting ways or to simply drink on its own.


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