Wine pairings for Berkswell

By Fiona Beckett (

  • Mature Spanish reds especially Rioja and Valdepeñas Other oak-aged tempranillos too
  • Mature Bordeaux
  • Reds from the south-west of France - an area which specialises in sheep’s cheese - often served with a cherry compote. Madiran, for example.
  • Sweet wines from the same region such as Jurançon and Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh also work well
  • Mature Chianti - especially with aged pecorinos
  • Sherry, especially dry amontillado, palo cortado and dry oloroso.
  • Aged tawny ports are also good - see this post on Zamorano and 30 y.o. tawny
  • Aged oaked white rioja - its nuttiness compliments sheep cheese perfectly as you can see here
  • Orange wines. Maybe not your cup of tea but their quince-like flavours are brilliant with sheep cheese (think membrillo)
  • Younger, fresher-tasting hard sheep cheeses are good with a crisp dry white such as albarino or vermentino