Berkswell, egg yolk, aubergine and ricotta Tortelloni

Serves 6


For the pasta:

600g plain flour

5 large eggs, 2 large egg yolks

Pinch of salt

Dash of olive oil

200g Berkswell Cheese


For the filling:

2 medium aubergines - diced

400g Ricotta

Salt and pepper to taste

Medium bunch of parsley


For the sauce:

200g butter

Medium bunch of sage, leaves only


Make the pasta (see pasta recipe on previous post with Ravioli!)

Leave pasta to rest in fridge before rolling out

Pan fry the aubergine until cooked and soft

Blend with the parsley using a hand blender

Roll out the pasta to thin, wide pieces. (Number 6 or higher if possible on a Marcato pasta machine)

Measure 8 circles with a large round cutter for each length of pasta

Fill 4 circles with a well of the aubergine mixture

Separate each egg, place the egg yolks in the wells (make sure not to break the yolk or the pasta will not seal and will break when cooked!)

Dab water with your finger around the edge of each Tortelloni. Layer the next circle on top. Press down at the edges

Cook the sage butter for 7-10 minutes, until melted, browned and the sage crispy.

Cook 5 Tortelloni at a time in a pot of boiling water for 3 mins

Remove from pan, transfer to large pan of sage butter. Coat and remove from pan

Serve with a serving of Berkswell on top